It all begins with a tremendous amount of research. In fact, the research stage of the discovery process is far longer than the identification and scientific verification phase which, although highly sophisticated, is considerably faster. We rely on extensive archaeological and historical research provided by our expert team, which ensures a find on the ground, every time, spearheaded by our Head of Research, Timothy Akers at Merlin Burrows.

Our work yields many finds, from shipwrecks to ancient buildings. For this reason we have adopted a simple policy when applying the scientific method. Apply all we can. And we DO. We leave nothing out. Once our research team, archaeologists, and specialists have analyzed the artifacts, they are then taken to our research lab to conduct extensive tests, by which point they have already undergone a scrutiny of analyses.

Artifacts recovered undergo a wide range of testing for verification. Some of these tests include Contamination Tests, Raw Materials, HPLC, GC, Mass Spectrometer, Chemical Analysis and Carbon Dating. We are also adapting a technique which allows us to date non organic mortar.

Reviewing analysis results at our research laboratory, Modena Centro Prove (Modena Research Center), with Dr. of Chemestry, Giacomo Falanga and his team.

The above 3D Model is that of a scan of the Temple of Poseidon. We conduct Ultra High Resolution scans of all our discoveries, for documentation, and also for later review with our peers and colleagues. The scans we conduct include LIDAR, Photogrammetry, Infra Red, Ultra Violet and xRay. This provides us highly valuable scientific data which we can later analyze in detail.

Head of Research of Merlin Burrows, Timothy Akers reviewing scans, and archaeologist Digby Stevenson cross-referencing discoveries with archaeological and historical documentation.

Merlin Burrows utilizes advanced satellite sciences and non invasive proprietary scanning technologies to “slice” through earth and water to reveal hidden artifacts. These artifacts are always cross-examined with any and all available documentation. Our experience has been 100% recovery rate in 4 years spanning 10 of our current 200 discoveries worldwide.

Once we have conclusively identified the artifacts, we present our findings to the world, via press conference, where the project is announced to the world and to the academic community, as well as the release date of the Ingenio Film of that particular discovery. For more information about Press Conferences, Academic Research papers and Announcements, please visit our news section, and 

Andrea Carpi – Aerospace Materials Engineer and Ingenio team consultant analyzing samples before sending them to the Research Laboratory for throrough analysis.

By approaching our archaeological finds with this multi-disciplinary approach, the sciences are cutting edge, the results are real, and the discoveries are validated with the academic community and more importantly, the world. For more information please visit our partner company, Merlin Burrows, at