There are over 200 discoveries… so far. Each one is a significant find. We’ll be making discovery films for the foreseeable future.

INGENIO – a specialist film production company – has agreed to partner with Merlin Burrows in support of the exploitation of the ever growing “find inventory” that “TREASURE FINDERS” Merlin Burrows virtually add to on a daily basis. INGENIO has already produced a fantastic 2 hour feature film for what is being described as “the biggest find in modern times” together with numerous short trailers for many of the other significant finds that are being declared by Merlin Burrows as they are discovered. INGENIO CEO Michael Donnellan said “the material we are working on, based on the Merlin Burrows find inventory is too fantastic to be believed and it is only through hard physical evidence, illustrated through our films, that people will be able to begin to comprehend some of these amazing secrets of the earth. We at INGENIO are excited about the prospects and opportunities Merlin Burrows represents and we’re very happy indeed to be part of the team.” Merlin Burrows plan to publish news of the finds as soon as their Head of Research is happy that any declarations made by the company are safe and fully supported by the evidence and facts in each case. For more details see:

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