Ingenio Films LLC was founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, with offices in England, Spain and Italy. The focus of Ingenio Films is the production and distribution of high quality historical documentary films and series, as well as having an international commercial department. The company was created by Michael Donnellan, former Creative Director and VFX Supervisor for studios such 

as 20th Century Fox and Disney. In 2015, a unique partnership was formed between Ingenio Films and Merlin Burrows, a U.K. based satellite scanning research company involved in the identification of ancient structures submerged in water and soil. The purpose of Ingenio Films is to document a series of over 400 new discoveries around the world. These discoveries include shipwrecks, temples, cities, and even traces of ancient civilizations. 

The work of Ingenio Films has recently garnered a great deal of attention with the massively successful premier of the series "Atlatica", which received a ten minute standing ovation at the South International Series Festival in October. It will also be featured this month at the Miami Film Festival. Atlantica is currently in distribution and has a foreseeable release date later this year. The platform will be announced soon.


Atlantica is the most extensive research ever conducted on the subject of Atlantis and our discoveries are certain to leave a huge mark on the historical narrative of our species. This project is the culmination of almost a decade of extensive work conducted by a team of experts, archaeologists, geologists, divers and academics. Combined with the most cutting edge technologies currently available on the planet, our team has located every one of the structures described by Plato in his texts, the "Timeus" and "Critias". Spearheaded by Michael Donnellan and Timothy Akers, the team ultimately discovers the famous submerged circular island capital city of this once mythical lost empire.


“ATLANTICA”, the Series

In November of 2018, our discovery of ancient artificial structures identified as the ruins of Atlantis, made major global headlines. The release of the film “Atlantica” was postponed, in order to expand the film into a series, as we felt there was too much content for just one film. The upcoming series “Atlantica”, is the most detailed investigation of the Lost Empire, proving with our SatScan technologies that this was, without a doubt, the empire of Atlantis, exactly as Plato described it.


Finding the Bonhomme Richard

In 2016, we began filming Merlin Burrows’ discovery of the famous galleon, the Bonhomme Richard. After more than 25 dives at the wreck site, off the coast of Yorkshire, we have recovered a multitude of artifacts which indicate that this is without a doubt the wreck of the famed vessel captained by John Paul Jones.

HAWARA, The Labyrinth of Egypt

In 2016 we began one of our first great expeditions, to one of Egypt’s greatest mysteries, the fabled site of the great Labyrinth of Egypt, in Hawara. This great structure has had many legends, and using SatScan we were able to identify an extraordinary underground complex. Documentary coming soon.